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Taka (ONE OK ROCK) ロックバンド「ONE OK ROCK」のメンバー、Taka(森田貴寛)さんのInstagram(インスタグラム)アカウントです。:1988年4月17日生まれ 出身地:東京都


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We had so much fun!!! @rolaofficial @kaori_momoi 2017/09/07 14:27:12 219,382 2,750
Happy birthday Ryota!!!!!
そしていつも俺のサポートをありがとうね!これからもずっとずっとよろしくね! @ryota_0809
2017/09/04 12:20:54 135,805 2,201
Had an AMAZING custom made dinner tonight at #spagobh .
Definitely a dinner to remember! Thank you so much @tetsuyahagi you are an amazing chef !!!
2017/09/22 15:41:07 131,162 1,148
St.Petersburg 🇷🇺 2017/08/30 04:45:17 106,343 630
Moscow!!! 2017/08/31 05:14:57 105,406 709
Tour dates for Asia have just been announced!
We are very excited to do a tour of this scale in Asia.
More announcements are coming soon so stay tuned...
Looking forward to seeing everyone there! @oneokrockofficial
2017/09/22 14:16:53 103,339 3,233
@gyakutarou @kentauesugi #アルバム#真ん中のとこ#正攻法
2017/09/06 02:22:52 93,292 781
We are happy to finally announce the dates for our European tour! It's been a while since we headlined in Europe and we can't wait to get out there! See you all in December! @oneokrockofficial 2017/08/29 22:45:45 91,485 2,009
See you there!!!!!!! 2017/09/05 01:41:37 85,785 965
Estoy muy preocupado por todos los Mexicanos.
Venimos de un pais que ha sido masivamente afectado por terremotos, y entendemos lo desafortunado y triste que es esta situación...
Están en nuestras oraciones y pedimos por que México pueda recuperarse pronto de este desastre... Nosotros One Ok Rock, te mandamos mucho amor México 🇲🇽 ! #fuerzamexico

I am extremely worried about all of the people in Mexico.
Being from a country that gas been massively affected by earthquakes, we understand how unfathomable the sadness is.
We are praying for your country to have a strong and speedy recovery from this disaster.
We, One Ok Rock, send all of our love to Mexico!!!
2017/09/22 09:18:31 79,064 1,123
We had amazing time!!! Thank you St.Petersburg!!!! 🇷🇺 2017/08/30 04:12:44 79,000 557
We miss you guys already !!! Thank you Moscow 🇷🇺 see you soon 2017/08/31 05:13:25 75,825 608

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